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NYTimes The Year in Pictures

2011 as it looked through the lens. A couple of the images in the Arab Spring section are as striking as Picasso’s Guernica.


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2 thoughts on “NYTimes The Year in Pictures

  1. Martha on said:

    Scott is studying Sanskrit in the new year–what’s new with YOU besides blogging?

    • Car hunt. Bebe’s Durango is at that point where fixing one thing only seems to put the car back on the road a few days or weeks until the next thing leaves it coasting powerless to the curb. Today I went along as she drove a Mini Cooper, a Lincoln MK-X, and a Subaru Forester. Tomorrow, a VW Beetle, a Ford Edge, and a Honda CR-V. We just watched Factotum on Netflix; Matt Dillon plays a drunk writer in maybe Los Angeles or San Francisco. “It’s just a slow day going into a slow night.”

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