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Snow Falling on West Texas Tonight

My brother Joe describes Another World:

I’m sure eloquent poets have described this before. It’s magical. Standing on the front porch, looking through the light from the Christmas icicle lights the snowflakes are falling straight down. The wind is dead calm and all the shapes in the yard are white and rounded under six inches of snow. Trees with leaves or needles are bent under the load, close to breaking. Trees with only branches to catch the snow define the light stacking of snow with dark lines of bark. Not only is it dead calm, it’s dead quiet, with the snow absorbing car sounds and town sounds leaving only the occasional bark of a dog and the creak of a tree branch. I turn off the icicle lights and the falling snowflakes disappear but the scene is still bathed in a diffuse light that makes everything visible but seems to have no source. I think we have to thank the street lights but without the snowflakes and bright fallen snow a street light would only illuminate whatever is directly exposed to it. Perhaps the full moon above the snow cloud layers contributes, as might the distant lights of the town. Nevertheless, one can stand where no direct light can be seen and the landscape is still lit clearly and will be that way all through the night. It’s surely a rare kind of beauty.


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