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Last Monday it drizzled and rained lightly all day. That was about it for the week so far. This morning when I had the chance to check the rain gauge we had enough to call it 1/4″. We thought it would be sunny that Monday and left Meli out. I zipped home at lunch to let her in. She was wet and a little muddy and was happy to come in and curl up on her tuffet. This morning it looked grey and like it might drizzle so I left Meli inside. By noon the sun was out and I was sorry she wasn’t going to get to be out in it.


George Packer ‘splains

Comment: Poor, White, and Republican : The New Yorker.


Between last Thursday night and this morning . . . eight tenths of an inch. Most of it came Friday morning as two busloads of architecture students rolled out for Dallas and Fort Worth, and Monday morning.

Warren Buffett’s Hero

“The legitimate object of government is to do for a community of people whatever they need to have done, but can not do, at all, or can not so well do, for themselves.”

–Abraham Lincoln

Reported in TIME Magazine’s January 23, 2012 issue with Buffett, The Optimist, on the cover.

Wislawa Szymborska, RIP: Dana Stevens reflects on “ABC,” the poem that inspires her daily


Wislawa Szymborska, RIP: Dana Stevens reflects on “ABC,” the poem that inspires her daily.

Establish the Category

Maybe now the Poetry category will appear under the Category heading.

Rain and Ballet

When is a drought not a drought?

Three point one inches overnight last night. Fifty degrees this morning, cloud cover is higher with a break here and there, but it’s still sprinkling steadily though drying up before showing more than spots about an inch apart. Oh, say . . . check that . . . getting a little shower right now.

The sky was flashing all around when we came out of San Antonio Ballet’s lavish production of Coppelia last night, but there was little precip or even thunder. We RUSHED home to see if Meli had already dug a hole through the kitchen door or was otherwise climbing the walls. She had done a little digging, but wasn’t yet in a panic. The next hours were another story though as lightning, thunder, and hail got her pulse up to sustained astonishing rate. It was after three before the storm settled enough for everybody to get some sleep.

The ballet was really delightful; first event for me in the Lila Cockrell Theater. (They did a great job overhauling that old place.) Scout had a small role in the third act (called “prayer”) along with seven other little girls. Three acts, the first very long, the second and third maybe about 20 minutes. I think all together pretty grueling for the lead dancers who were at times, spectacular. Stage was deep and vast so when the whole company was out the relationship between bodies, movement, and spatial volume gave me chills.

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