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Let’s say a quarter of an inch. The meniscus makes it a bit of a judgement call. Light to medium rain overnight, no loud thunder, just enough lightning to get Meli panting a bit, but she settled down as the shower passed.


One tenth

Saturday morning fog and mist, drizzle and sprinkle left a trace in the gauge.


Sunday night but mostly Monday morning: 2″

Came with lots of thunder and lightning which kept Meli’s pulse at maximum and panting with anxiety until exhaustion overcame flight response and she actually slept through some of the noise. Not before jumping in bed with me a couple of times, though.

Not much damage around here, though Monday’s and today’s papers/radio have stories/pictures of the twister that touched down about 30 miles south in the little town of Devine.

Do tornadoes prefer wide open spaces to cities?

Unfinished poem

Inchoate in Kuwait

Rained out of stage one, but not out of drought

From Friday morning to Sunday morning, about 1.5 inches here . . . most of it last night with thunder and lightning and Meli pacing and panting. Sun came out by noon; beautiful afternoon. Went for a nice bicycle ride down to Pearl, up to Alamo Heights, and home.



Senate Gridlock Explained in One Chart – National – The Atlantic Wire.

via WOW.

The Parthenon was a stimulus project.

In Athens, Austerity’s Ugliness Р


Hope springs eternal…


Two Theories on Why Republicans Are Acting So ‘Suicidal’ – Politics – The Atlantic Wire.


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