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Dos Pulgados

mostly last night

clear blue sky, bright half moon

mid-transit at first light



An inch of rain in the last day. Fresh washed clean morning. Mockingbirds in front of my house gyre and loop to catch white mothlets on the fly. But look, one of them already has a bit of white in her beak. What is her strategy, do you suppose?

zero point six5

0.65″ last night. Meli back in bed hyper-alert. How fast can her respiration get without hyper-ventilating?

Steady rain has just resumed. Very lovely. Meli a bit concerned.



Rolling in last night about midnight, woke to Meli shivering and panting in between us. Thought it was a dry storm until I heard a little sprinkling and later some real rain. After a dose of Rescue Remedy Meli finally calmed down but stayed on the bed, watching the door, making sure the storm didn’t invade our bedroom I guess. Checking in the morning, the storm was good for 3/4″. No chance of getting out of stage 2 though.

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