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Allow me to introduce myself. I was born in Big Spring, Texas, and lived happily in the land of far far horizons until I escaped by pretending to be a college student who had to live in Austin, the land of hills and trees and lakes and the Colorado River. When I was in High School I had a subscription to Foreign Affairs Quarterly and one to Road and Track. One of the writers in R&T was Csaba Csere. I heard someone on the radio interview Mr Csere and that is where I learned the sound of that “cs”: Chaba Chere. For the last ten years I’ve been teaching architecture at the University of Texas at San Antonio. One of the fun parts of teaching was all the different names you come across semester after semester, year after year, class after class. One of those first days of class brought a student whose last name started with Cs, and when I pronounced it she was delightfully surprised. That’s the way it is: you never know when something incidental is going to come in handy. Welcome to my blog of the potentially useful incidentals.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Martha on said:

    Very interesting musings…keep it up. I will add my own when a potentially useful incidental turns up.

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